Artificial intelligence sheds new light on classic texts

The system used artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to unearth a trove of surprising insights. For example, they found that evil sorcery often took place close to Catholic monasteries. This made a certain amount of sense since Catholic sites in Denmark were
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New Eye Implant Device could Save Glaucoma Patients’ vision

People with high-risk glaucoma will be able to monitor their disease, anywhere, anytime, thanks to a new device developed by an FIU professor. S.S. Iyengar Glaucoma is an eye disease in which increased intraocular pressure causes damage to the optic
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SCIS Student W. Victor H. Yarlott visits The Heidelberg Laureate Forum

The Heidelberg Laureate Forum is an annual,invitation-only event which brings young Mathematics and CS researchers together with Abel, Fields, and Turing distinguished laureates. FIU CIS Ph.D. Student W. Victor H. Yarlott shares his inspiring experiences at the forum with CACM.
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Cutting-edge research in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is one of the hottest topics in research today, involving both privacy and security across the internet. Security risks increase as more cyber-physical systems are interconnected to make our lives easier. Both work and entertainment are ever more integrated
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Ways to add tech skills to a resume

It’s no secret that in today’s digital age, technical professionals are in high demand.These days, computer science and information technology are not the only fields that require technical prowess. Education is gradually becoming digital, with many schools providing tablets and
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NSF grant to increase CS & IT graduates

This grant will support our commitment to those students at risk of dropping out of college when they are within striking distance of graduation ~ Mark Weiss The NSF grant, scholarships are part of a $5 million, five-year grant offered
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Curious about computer science?

Inspired by the late Steve Jobs’ commencement speech at Stanford University where he shared how auditing a calligraphy class in college inspired him years later.. IDC 1000 is an online course designed for students who want to learn about computing,
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Artificial Intelligence Technology, the danger is not machines run amok

Mark Finlayson quoted on Business Intelligence Info The danger is not machines run amok, as suggested by some, like [Elon] Musk or [Stephen] Hawking (who know nothing about Artificial Intelligence (AI)). The danger is, like nuclear weapons, what AI will allow
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Poker-Hold ‘Em as a good research tool

Sam Ganzfried, is beginning a stint as assistant professor of computer science at the School of Computing and Information Sciences at FIU, approaches poker as both a player and scientist. Hold ‘Em is a good research tool because it requires
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CU with FIU Strengthening processes & Postgraduate training

Students and professors of the Faculty of Engineering participated in the development at the Coliseum Competence at the University of the Coast. A day filled of socialization of study opportunities and scholarships for postgraduate studies at FIU. The talk was
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Ms. Medhini Narasimhan, wins the ISCB Student Council Best Poster Award

SCIS congratulates Ms. Medhini Narasimhan, a visiting undergraduate student, for winning the ISCB Student Council Best Poster Award at Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology Conference (ISMB 2016). Congratulations to Prof.Narasimhan, Medhini Narasimhan’s advisor.


Brazilian students working at FIU’s Discovery Lab

The Brazilian government is thinking of STEM education and that’s why Brazil is paying for undergraduate college students to spend the summer at the School of Computing and Information Science. Science Without Borders, currently have six Brazilian students working at
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